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Photo Cropping

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2014 07:12PM CET
Photo cropping is the most essential tool for adjusting the ordered photos to fit into the final prints.

As a part of every order, you are able to see the list of photos you are ordering and basic information about the product(s) you have chosen for each of them (see below). Not only you can easily modify the quantity for each photo, there are also two links underneath the counter, any of which leads to the screen for setting the cropping parameters. To open the screen, you may click the thumbnail of the photo too.

centered photo

Once you have opened the cropping window, you are presented with six options: “Fit”, “Centered”, “Top Left”, “Top Right”, “Bottom Left” and “Bottom Right”. Right after choosing one of the parameters, the photo is adjusted and you are presented with the results. Once you are finished, click the “Apply” button.

photo cropping

You may notice, as in the picture below, that the thumbnail has changed as well as the type of the “Cropping” from “Centered” to “Fit”.

a picture depicting print without cropping

How do I set the cropping for all prints to follow the same rules?  Underneath the list of the prints, there is the “Bulk Options” button. In the page it opens, you can choose not only the cropping for all your prints, but also the type of the product or its quantity.

bulk shopping & cropping

Why is it essential for me to crop photos I order? The main reason is that there is nobody else to do it. The software can recognize only center or margins, but it cannot determine, whether you want to see the person on the right or the tree on the left.  You would see both and may be quite a large white spaces because, at this time, the default setting is "fit".

But the content is not the only thing. There are two main criteria that distinguish successful and unsuccessful print : one is the side ratio and another one is the resolution of the digital photograph.

Cropping is essential especially when the side ratios between the ordered print and the uploaded original differ. And the bigger the difference the more cropping has to occur. Imagine choosing portrait picture frame for a much larger landscape photo, it is possible to combine these two but you have to choose the area that will remain visible.

As for the resolution, the worst thing that can happen is that your print would have so small a resolution you won’t be able to tell what it shows. The only way to avoid this issue is by choosing a suitable format of the print(s) for a particular resolution.


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