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Cart sharing

Last Updated: Feb 27, 2014 07:14PM CET

You can manage multiple shopping carts and share them with your customers.  While your visitors have one cart for putting the products into, you can save carts with a name just like you would save a document, and conveniently switch between them.

When you open your cart, you will see buttons for management of your loaded cart if you are currently editing an already saved cart. Otherwise you will see a button to save your new cart under a name. One of the management buttons serves to share your cart with a customer.

What can I make out of it?

You can pre-fill carts for your customers' convenience
Maybe in the real world you know a customer personally, or your clients may give you an idea about which photos they want. Or you have enabled the visitor registration and see what the customer likes. In such case, you can prefill the cart and send it to your customer for an easy checkout.
You can help a customer fill their cart
Not everyone is as familiar with computers as you are. Although our system is really simple to use, your customers may still experience difficulties with filling their carts with products. If you are in contact with a customer via phone, email or internet, you can easily learn what the customer wants and you can do all the work for them.
You can review a cart before checkout
You can share a cart with your customer and while they get to fill the cart themselves, you can review the cart before checkout. In such case you can just check if the customer chose the correct cropping, ordered images that have been retouched, or if they successfully applied a coupon.

So how do I share  a cart with a client?

You can share the currently loaded cart by clicking the "Share cart with a customer" button. All you need to do is fill in the customer's e-mail address and a message to accompany the cart. You can also specify an expiration date for each of your shared carts. The cart can expire as soon as a day or as late as a year after you have shared it. When you open a saved cart, you can see its sharing status so that you know whether you already shared it with someone, and if you did you will see whether they already accepted the cart or not.


To allow your customers to share their carts with you, simply go to "Customize" >> "Site Settings" >> "Selling". When in need of help or advice, your customers can simply go to the "Buy" menu and share their cart with you in much the same way you can share yours with them. The only difference is that their cart does not have an expiration date and they fill in their name and e-mail without knowing yours.

When someone shares a cart with you, you receive an e-mail to your registered email address with a link which will make it possible for you to access the shared cart.

The shared cart behaves in the same manner whether you shared it with your customer or they shared it with you.

What can I do next? You may want to take a look at price list creation and editing or the differences between automatic and manual order approval.

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