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Last Updated: Feb 27, 2014 05:40PM CET

Search for what? Since digital photos represent visual images, in fact, by numbers, they are not searchable without supplemental information. As a result, we ask all photographers to describe the subject of the photos by adding any combination or all of the available labels: a title, a description and a set of keywords. The text you submit is matched against all of those information as well as the "About me" sections of the registered users' profiles and their nicknames.

How do I prevent others from finding me? It is possible to exclude your whole account  from all public pages by going to by going to "Customize" >> "Site Settingsl" >> "Access Control". You can do this also individually for each album by going to "Tools" >> "Album Settings" >> "Access Control".

What is included in search? if your account or individual albums are enabled for public pages, all public items are included in search. If your account is password-protected, your items will not be included in the site-wide search, and only public photos in your public albums will be included.

How do I search? To perform a search, simply type the relevant keywords into the search field - located at the top of the page. Press Enter on your keyboard or click the button.

What do the results look like? The search results are divided into three sections. The uppermost contains the photos whose labels match the search terms (a), the second section contains the relevant albums (b) and when the terms are contained in someone's profile name or description, there is a third section with such profiles (c).

(a) You may click a photograph to view it together with all the information about it that the photo owner decided should be displayed. The photographer's nickname is displayed right above the photograph in the navigation row. You may use this row to get to the photographer's homepage, the category, and the album that contains the photograph.

(b) You may click an album to view all the public photos contained inside. The upper panel contains the navigation row and the buttons enabled by the owner of the photographs. You may click any photo to see it in a greater resolution and to see the information assigned to it.

(c) In the case that the third section is visible, you may use it to navigate to the users' homepages.

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