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Last Updated: Oct 26, 2014 04:38PM CET
requires Business Package, for more details see plans and pricing

How do I create or edit a price list? To create or edit a price list, go to "Selling" >> "Price Lists". This opens the view of the basic properties of your existing price lists. If you have no price lists, this is also where you can create new ones by simply clicking the "Create New" button.

What to do with the price list? Once the price list page is opened, you can see an assignment section (▼▼◄) in the top-left corner of the page. You can simply click either of the three buttons to assign your currently edited price list to :
  • all of your photos by assigning it to your portfolio
  • individual albums
  • individual photos
Promoting specific products. The best way to direct your customers to the most suitable or special products is to feature them. All you have to do is to "star" the product(s) (▼).

Such products have a menu entry of their own in the "Buy" menu. When your customers click this special entry, the currently viewed picture/video/album will be automatically used to add the featured product to your customer's shopping cart. In the "Featured Products" section (▼►), you can additionally choose to display these products under the photo/video. The maximum number of products is 6 and you can choose anything - self-fulfilled products, full-album products, prints, or packages.

Other options.

Filtering. (▼◄) This section enables you to show only some of the products within your price list so as to make it easier for you to find products matching specific criteria and edit their prices.
Pricing Formula. (▼►) You can batch-change the prices of your products here. There are several operations available to aid you in setting your prices - the operations can be used in conjunction with the filtering feature.

Products. (▼) The products section is where you choose which products to sell and what price to sell them at. There are two main categories :  per-image and per-album products. To add products simply click the "Add Products" button at the bottom of the page. When adding digital products, you can  also use the "Create new product" button to avoid having to navigate to the "Downloads" page to create a new product.

After you have added or removed producs, featured products, or changed your prices, you need to use the "Save" button to save your changes.

What can I do next?  You may be interested in learning more about downloads or full-album pricing.
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