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Last Updated: Apr 17, 2014 08:56PM CEST

A package is a set consisting of any of prints, products, and digital downloads that act as a single product together and are sold together for one set price. Packages are a good idea if you want to help your customers in making the product selection and with the ordering process. Just offer them a group of items for one single rate. It is also a great way of offering your customers significant discounts if buying in bulk - other than the use of discount coupons.

How do I create a package? You can create a package by going to "Selling" >> "Packages", and clicking the "Create New" link. A package can also be created directly in the price list editor. Choose the name (you can change it name later) and the type of the new package and click the "Create" button. Afterwards, you will be taken to the package editor where you can add products and their quantities to form a package.

package editor

What is the difference between "Single-Image" and "Multi-Image" packages? A Single-Image package is ordered with a single picture and all of the products in the package are produced using the one picture. When ordering a Multi-Image package, the customers can choose which picture to use for any of the products in the package.

Your package needs to be assigned to one or more price list so that your customers are able to order it. After the package has been assigned to a price list, it will be available for sale in any photos or albums that the price list is assigned to.

Your customers can see your package in the new product category "Packages". Single-image packages can be added to the shopping cart by simply selecting a quantity. Multi-image packages are added to the shopping cart using a package filler.


How can I offer full album download at a discount price?
You should use "Per-album pricing" option in the price list editor for this. Packages are not suitable for this purpose because using a multi-image package, you can offer discounts for an exactly specified number of downloads, but not a full album.

What photos can customers use to fill a multi-image package?
Any photos which have the same price list assigned. When filling a package, your customers will be presented with the album or the photos used when putting the package into the shopping cart. There is also the option to switch to other albums that use the same price list.

How can I create a package for self-fulfilled products?
You can not. But, there is no reason why you should create only single-item self-fulfilled products. Instead of a package, you can simply create a self-fulfilled product containing multiple items to suit your and your visitors´ needs.

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