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Applying Watermarks

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2014 02:16PM CEST
How do I watermark a photo once I have created my watermarks? Once you have your watermarks created, all that remains to be done is to assign them to your photos or albums. To do this, you simply go to "Organize" >> "Organizer" where you select in the right-side contents panel all albums (▼) or photos you wish to watermark. Then, you will be able to choose "Selected" >> "Watermark" (in the upper left corner) and choose the watermark of your preference in the panel which is then displayed.


Can I watermark several photos at once? You can watermark either individual photos or more albums at once - as described above. Once you have confirmed a watermark to be applied, the watermarking is scheduled and you need not keep the page open for the process to be finished (▼). When watermarking one or more albums, you can navigate to any other page and real-time see the progress of the watermarking process in the top left corner. If you chose to watermark your whole album, you can also choose the "Apply this change to all albums" to watermark all of your photos. Another advantage of watermarking whole albums is that new uploads are automatically watermarked as soon as they are uploaded - if you upload them to a watermarked album.


What happens next? After this has been done, your watermarked photos cannot be viewed without the watermark by your visitors. You can enable some of your visitors to bypass this by setting up a password to grant access to your original images.
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